Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy: Unveiling the Silent Clues

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Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy

What Is an Incomplete Abortion

An incomplete abortion, which is known as partial abortion, happens when not all of the baby’s tissue is pushed out of the uterus following a miscarriage or an abortion done on purpose. Early in pregnancy, it is essential to know the signs of an incomplete abortion. This can help avoid severe complications & ensure proper medical care is given. Have an in-depth look into our comprehensive analysis of Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy.

In our descriptive article, We will elaborate on the most common signs of incomplete abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, the risk factors, treatment choices, possible ways to diagnose the problem & how important emotional support is during this challenging time.

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy

Even though they may arise at any time during pregnancy, they happen most often in the first couple of weeks. However, they can be mild or not occur. Cramps & blood are usually signs of an incomplete abortion. If it is not taken care at the right time, an abortion that isn’t done right could cause serious health problems.

A. Chills & Fever
If there’s an infection, chills & fever will happen during that time.

B. Unusual blood from the Uterus
Strong or slight bleeding that isn’t the same as a regular period. The movement of blood clots or tissue

C. Foul-smelling Discharge
A foul smell coming from the vagina can indicate an infection.

D. Stomach cramps and Pain
Pain in the Lower abdominal area that feels like menstrual cramps

E. Vomiting and Nausea
You will feel sick & throw up if they throw out an illness or leftover tissue.

Symptoms Of Incomplete Abortion

If you think you might be having a partial abortion or if you just lost a pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor. In that case, it’s essential to know the signs & get help from a doctor or someone who helps pregnant women immediately. Some common symptoms are-

A. Pain and Cramping in the Stomach

Incomplete abortion can also cause Pain in the lower belly that is strong & also lasts for a long time. Even though it is expected to have stomach pain after an abortion, the Pain from a partial abortion tends to be worse & last longer. The uterus is trying to eliminate the leftover products of conception by contracting & pushing them out. Pain in the lower back & the pelvis can also happen to women.

B. Vaginal Bleeding

One of the most common signs of an incomplete abortion is heavy & long-lasting vaginal blood that lasts longer than an average or regular period. The body tries to remove the last bits of pregnant tissue from the uterus, which causes heavy bleeding.

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy

C. Foul-smelling Vaginal Discharge

Having vaginal bleeding & a foul smell could indicate an illness caused by pregnancy or uterine foetal tissue.

D. Retained Products of Conception

This term refers to the leftover pieces of Pregnancy Tissue that haven’t been completely pushed out of the uterus during an abortion.

E. Chills & Fever

If you have a fever & feel dizzy, Don’t forget to pay attention. These are often signs of an illness, which can happen if the uterus is not empty after an abortion.

If you have any of these signs after an abortion or a miscarriage, You must immediately call your pregnancy care provider. A doctor or nurse can do an evaluation, run the necessary tests, and give the proper treatment to ensure the uterus is empty & avoid any problems that could happen.

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion After Misoprostol

If you have any signs of a partial abortion after taking Misoprostol, you should go to a hospital or a doctor for an ultrasound and respective Tests or treatment. This is a must because the tissue & blood that stay in the body can cause infection or heavy bleeding.

The signs of a misoprostol abortion that didn’t work:

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion After Misoprostol

You still have stomach pain after taking Misoprostol for a few days.

A. Bleeding for a long time
B. Too much blood (much more than an average period)
C. A fever
D. Pain that is too much to bear
E. Pain when you push on your stomach

How To Know Abortion Is Complete or Incomplete

Many people think that a complete abortion & a partial abortion are the same thing, but this is not the case. Both are forms of spontaneous abortion and unavoidable, missed and threatened abortion.

When a woman has a complete abortion, all baby parts have left the uterus. On the other hand, an incomplete abortion arises when the uterus isn’t empty of the foetal innards. There are still a lot of leftovers in the body, which can cause harm in the long run. When it comes to damage, an unfinished pregnancy is always worse than a complete abortion.

What Causes Incomplete Abortion

What Causes Incomplete Abortion

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy: Gene problems inside the baby cause almost half of all incomplete abortions. Other reasons that can be changed also lead to incomplete abortions. Some of the things that can lead to an incomplete abortion are:

1. Medical Abortion: A study by the National Library of Medicine (NLB) found that the Medicinal method of abortion (MMA) is a safe, inexpensive & effective way to have an abortion. But an imperfect abortion is a side effect that is known to happen. MTP (Medication Abortion) can lead to an incomplete abortion if the pills don’t remove all the pregnancy tissue.

2. An Imbalance in Hormones: An incomplete abortion can be caused by a hormone imbalance, such as low amounts of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that helps keep the uterus lining healthy & helps the baby grow. If the amount of progesterone is too low, the uterus lining might not be able to support the pregnancy, Which could cause an incomplete abortion.

3. Incompetent Cervix: A disease in which weak tissue in the cervix causes a healthy pregnancy to end early or too soon. A soft cervix indicates a problem in your cervix. If your cervix is weak, it may shrink & open up in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Although, there are no signs of labour. If this happens, you might have a late miscarriage, leading to a loss that is not complete or labour before your due date.

Will An Incomplete Abortion Pass on its Own

No, it won’t go away by itself. It must be removed with a simple surgery called Dilatation and Curettage.

You can’t stop an incomplete abortion, but if you take care of yourself, it’s less likely to happen.

An incomplete abortion can be handled by waiting it out, medicine, or surgery (vacuum suction). Taking care of an accessible incomplete abortion with vacuum aspiration (when the size of the uterus is less than 14 weeks) involves:

Recognising the problem
Figuring out how big the uterus is
Doing the treatment
Dealing with Pain

Signs Of Incomplete Abortion in Early Pregnancy

Can An Abortion Fail

Abortions do not work consistently, mainly when drugs are used. Doctors may try a 2nd D&C or a more dangerous surgery when this happens. The other choice is to keep the pregnancy going & have the baby. When only some foetuses in multiple pregnancies are taken out (usually because of fertility treatments), this is called “Selective Reduction.” The remaining foetuses can be in danger, and the mother may miscarry.

Surgical procedures can potentially induce abortions & while such occurrences are infrequent, they can result in unsuccessful terminations. Even so, in the US alone, about 700 pregnancies continue after the first abortion procedure, and about 17,500 women have had to have a 2nd process or a more severe surgery or changed their minds & carried the pregnancy to term in the last 25 years.

What Happens If the Abortion Pill Doesnt Work

Even though it doesn’t happen often, there is a slight possibility that an abortion won’t finish the pregnancy or that something will still be in the womb afterwards. It is essential to know about these risks & what to do if you face them-

What Happens If the Abortion Pill Doesnt Work

Continuing Pregnancy: This is one of the ways you might still be pregnant & still have pregnancy signs, miss your period, or get a positive pregnancy test. It does not mean your pregnancy is over, even if you’re bleeding. About a week after you take the Abortion Pills, when you go in for a Routine Checkup, your doctor will do an ultrasound to confirm the results. If the test proves, your pregnancy keeps growing, you can also try other ways to get rid of it, like having surgery.


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