Why Does My Parents Love Me? A Beautiful Journey


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Does My Parents Love Me

Does My Parents Love Me?

Usually, we all have had this question at some point in our lives. Moreover, each of us has a significant answer and view on this. Of course, your parents love you, but let’s understand their genuine Love in our lives. Welcome to one of our most beautiful posts, “Does My Parents Love Me?”. Hopefully You will love this.

Does My Parents Love Me Really

Think and realize how beautiful your early Life was. This wonderful, gifted Life is given to you for free. There might be several reasons why they love you. Most Importantly, they gave you a beautiful birth. We kept you in the safe zone per your needs and Fed you unconditionally. At the same time, it brings you into this strange world. Just knowing that tells you, “Your parents love you.”

Everyone’s Love varies with their Life & circumstances because our lives aren’t the same. Each Parent’s Love will vary with their Children. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, though. Most parents have a difficult time with Life. Moreover, they need more time to do everything they need to do. So, as we go through Life, this view of Love may change a lot because of different external factors, but the core or the exact intention stays the same.

Does My Parents Love Me

It might get worse if you observe other parents & compare your Parents to them. Additionally, We feel down when we go on Facebook or Instagram and see how much other parents love their kids. As per Buddha – “The bond between kids & their parents is strong because it goes deep into the heart.”

Don’t think that “your Parents do not love you” right away, no matter the situation. Someone said the love lines – “The only way to understand Parental love is to become a parent yourself truly.”

Why Does My Parents Love Me?

Children are a gift from God. We are so lucky to always have our Parents with us. They live their whole lives to make us happy and meet our needs. Moreover, they brought us into this beautiful world. They do many things for us, never complaining or asking for anything.

When we were sick, our MOM stayed up with us all night and cared unconditionally. That is the True Love in our Life. Even though she doesn’t sleep the whole night, she does all the housework and ensures everyone has to eat on time. She never asked for any appreciation for everything she did for us.

We talked about the difficult times our dad worked, but he never expressed his difficulty in front of us. He is always there for us like a WALL and doing his best to meet our needs. Eventually, he wants our happiness. They are the only ones who can love us unconditionally.

5 Tricks to Getting Your Parents to Love You

Always be happy with who you are because you’re one of the lovely creations of GOD. If you don’t get along with your loving Parents, you might feel like they don’t see your importance. It also hurts to feel like your Parents don’t love you & you deserve better. Things can become more effective, so never give up!

1. Express Your Feelings to Your Parents

Telling someone how you feel is scary; most Importantly, you must be honest. Express how you feel about not being loved and explain why. In the end, tell them what they need to do better.

Perhaps it’s too painful to bring up these issues with your parents at first. Instead, talk about how you feel with someone you trust who will be impartial & listen to you.

2. Listen to Your Parents’ Responses

Give your parents a chance to talk about how they feel after you’ve said anything, even though you should also try to see things differently. That is okay to not agree with them. We hope you find something you both agree on.

When your Parents are talking, don’t talk over them. It might lead to create an unpleasant situation. If they say something & you become upset about that, don’t worry; keep patience & start a lovely conversation accordingly.

There may be a reason you think your parents don’t love you for who you are. Your parents may love you, but that does not mean they don’t understand why you feel this way.

3. Love to Ask Your Parents about their Past

Think and visualize how your Parents looked when they were young. It might help you understand how they act now. It would be nice to ask your parents to share stories from their childhood. Pay attention to what their parents expected of them and how hard things were for their parents at school and in other situations too.

Your parents may bother you about your Grades or Results because they may wish their parents had pushed them in school. In the same way, your parents may want you to play sports even though you don’t like them because they did in their Life.

You might also find out that your Parents didn’t get along well with their parents. They might not even know they’re not loving you, right?

Does My Parents Love Me

5 Tricks to Getting Your Parents to Love You

4. Be Open Minded and Listen to Your Parents

However, It’s possible that your Parents don’t know how you feel about not being loved. If you start talking to them, they might feel they need to support you. Tell them instantly that what you’ll say might be hard to understand & that you want them to listen.

You may say, “I need to talk to you about certain issues I’ve been having lately.”I know what I’m about to say may annoy you, but please listen to me,” or “Right now, all I need is for you to be there for me.” Please comprehend my message. You can build solid relationships this way.

5. If parents Abuse you, Set the limits

You should feel loved but cannot change what your parents do. Firstly, think about what makes you the most angry. Then, tell your parents to stop doing that accordingly. Tell them that you will not answer or leave if they mistreat you. Therefore, You can change your friendship over time by making small changes first.

Say things with “I” So your Parents don’t get angry. Tell something like, “It makes me feel bad when you tell me, so I’m not going to answer when you tell me,” Instead of “You always tell and hurt my feelings.” “I know you might not agree with my choices, but that is my choice,” you could say. I’m not going to listen to you when you criticize me.

3 Signs Your Parents Love You

1. Your Happiness is Important to Them

Does My Parents Love Me? Your Parents love you if they go out of their way to ensure you’re happy. They are always there for you when things are not in your favour. It’s their wish to give you the best opportunity in your Life. However, they always try to make you happy by making any sacrifice in their Life.

Also, they send a clear message when they pay attention to what makes you happy and always try to make you smile. Additionally, how you will achieve the bigger Goal to ensure you’re comfortable and happy. Ultimately, they will be happier on this.

Whether your parents let you go with an unusual job path since it makes you happy or your siblings put up with your annoying habits. Although they know it makes you happy, those are all signs that they also love you.

3 Signs Your Parents Love You

2. They Sacrifice themselves for Your Life

Regarding family, what you do often says more than what you say. You won’t believe it; expressing something says “I love you” more than anything else. Not at all. We are not talking about significant, showy actions. The little things that people do every day that matter in Life.

Let’s think about it this way: Your Parents may have given up their hopes to care for you and give you the best chances. Also, someone in your family may have given you their time, money, or even the last slice of pizza without getting it for themselves. Can you imagine how much Love that is?

3. They have no Dislike for You

When you mess up, does your family quickly forgive you & not hold a grudge? Then it is an obvious sign that they love you. Think about it. Everybody makes mistakes, and families are no different.

However, It’s normal to disagree and fight. But if your Parents are ready to forget & accept, their Love is more vital than these temporary mistakes.

Remember, they always try to give the best things to you & always be with you in any circumstances. Eventually, forgiving someone is different from forgetting about them. You should pick the relationship over the flaw.

3 Reasons Why My Dad Doesn’t Love Me

Dads may not love their kids because they are depressed, using drugs, angry, emotionally immature, or have narcissistic traits. No matter the reason, Dads must deal with their problems independently to better care for their kids.

My Dad Doesn't Love Me

Does My Parents Love Me

Children are greatly influenced by what their parents do in their Lives & moreover how they act. Of course, when these behaviours are mostly wrong, it’s difficult for them to connect emotionally with their parents. Sons and daughters can be loving & caring, but kids often wonder & feel happy if their dads love them.

1. Emotionally Not Attached

Dads have learned how to “behave” in modern times. Being rigid and emotionless has become a regular thing for Dad might do. People often consider an emotional guy “less than” or inferior. This feeling of not being good enough can make guys hide their feelings so they don’t seem weak.

It can be challenging to create a healthy connection with Dad, who is emotionally distant. But it should never be seen as a sign that the child is terrible. Instead, Dad, who is emotionally distant, needs to work on controlling his feelings and getting better at showing how he feels to his kids.

There should be Love between Fathers and their children. Fathers need to connect emotionally with their kids to show Love & affection. Although, it’s hard for them to go against social rules and how they were raised.

2. Due to Narcissistic Traits

Narcissists usually only care about themselves and don’t care much about others. Nasty people often see their children as extensions of themselves instead of as separate people when they become parents. It can make them love and care for their kids easier.

People who are narcissists are distracted by their pride. Because it makes them feel good about themselves. Moreover, selfish dads often criticize and put down their kids. They also expect too much from their kids & have too high success. That means their kids’ work will always need improvement.

Does My Parents Love Me

In the same way, egotistical dads are often self-centred as well. They put their wish ahead of everything else & rarely consider what others want or need. Sometimes, these dads may even use parental control against their kids to keep them on track.

3. Because of Depressive Disorder

Depression & other mental illnesses can make it hard for a dad to care for his kid as well. A Dad’s mental illness often shows traits & actions that make it difficult for him to connect with his kid.

When Dads have depression, they often feel distant and cut off from other people, even their kids as well. They might even feel like they are not in touch with reality.

Dads may start to feel too much emotion, just like different people who are depressed. Because of this, they often shut down mentally. When dads are emotionally down, they often don’t show Love, happiness, or sadness.

10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

1He always makes me feel better when upset after a fight with my siblings.
2He taught me how important it is to be Loyal, Honest & have Ethics.
3It is always safe to live with him because I know he is my protection and real hero.  
4He backs up my life goals and dreams.
5He always has good things to say about Life.
6I feel free to talk to him about anything because he does not judge.
7He never fears saying he was wrong.
8He helps people even when they can’t say they need it.
9He is a lovely Man, better than anyone in the world.
10Quietly, he lets me in when I get home late.


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